More Halloween Make Up Instructions

Halloween makeup can be a real trial. Knowing how to apply it, how to make it look realistic, and easy to get both on and off makes the whole experience more pleasant. The following are some Halloween makeup instructions that will make the creation of the makeup, application of it, and removal of it easier.

Makeup instructions for blood and gore:

1. Make sure the area you apply makeup to is clean. If you want the makeup to last throughout the evening on Halloween, you want to make sure it has a clean canvas to cling to. If you have a dirty or greasy face, your makeup won’t last or stay on as well or as long. Wash it thoroughly, and dry it completely before you apply any makeup.

2. Apply the basic coats of makeup before applying any blood or gore. If you are going to be a vampire, for example, you will want to put on your white face makeup and black V down the forehead before you apply the blood on the edges of your lips. You may want to not just apply it, but also set it. You do this with misting water and applying some baby powder.

3. Make your blood. Your next step for applying the blood and gore Halloween makeup is having the blood and gore to apply. So, you can buy the premade kind, or you can make your own. To make your own, you will need some water, red food coloring, corn syrup, and some cocoa. You will mix the corn syrup and water at a 3 parts syrup to 1 part water ratio, and then add dye and cocoa powder until you get the color that you desire and looks most realistically like blood.

4. Apply. Drip the fake blood down the sides of your lips so that it looks realistic. If you are using blood to make areas that are stitched and scarred, or fake bones, etc. look more realistic, then again, use spoon, or something else to create a dripped look. You can splatter it on so it looks like a real blood splatter.

5. Make your gore. If you want gory makeup and to look like you are maimed, burned, etc. you will need to make your gore. The way you do this is you get some sort of petroleum jelly, like Vasoline. Then add powder makeup and a tissue to make it look like flesh hanging off, etc. You apply the jelly to the place you want the wound to be, and color it with makeup, reds and charcoals make for a good burned area, blues, reds, and greens make for a good bruised area. You now want to stick the tissue on the petroleum, and mash the tissue up into the Vasoline, after you color it to look how you want. Mold it to the shape you want the wound to be.

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