Cat Halloween Make Up

When doing your Halloween cat makeup, there are three areas that need to be your focus:

1. Overall face paint. Start your makeup off by painting your entire face one color. If you have a black car costume, then go with black, if it is white, go with white. Basically, get the base of your cat makeup down. You will probably want to use a cream based face paint for this.

2. Create a nose. Cats have a distinctive nose shape, so the next thing you have to do is create a nose atop the overall face paint. If you painted your face black, you will probably want a pink or white nose, as that is what will stand out. You need to make sure your overall face paint is completely dry before you apply the paint to create your nose shape.

3. Whiskers: For this you can paint whiskers on top of your paint, if you chose a dark overall color, this may not be the best option, as they may not stand out very well. If you went with white, or a light tan or something you can usually get away with painting black whiskers on. Another, often better option is to use fake whiskers that you attach to your face with makeup glue, with putty, or something else. These are usually found at costume stores and are offered with a variety of means for attachment.

Top it off with extras: Cat makeup is great, but alone it won’t get the job done, so make sure that you add in those little extra elements that will leave no doubt in anyone’s mind of your feline prowess, and catlike attributes.

A Leotard: This is usually a good “cat costume”. You will want to pick a solid color leotard and leggings or body suit that will give you the sleek appearance of a cat. Of course, you can get something furry or fuzzy to add some effect.

Ears: What is a cat costume, and what good is cat makeup for Halloween if you don’t have ears? You will likely want to get ears that are attached to a headband of some kind. This way they can be put on for the evening, and removed easily. Of course, some other options include hat type apparatus that pull on over your head and have ears attached. It kind of depends on what look you are going for. For a sexier looking cat, the headband is best, for a realistic cat, such as for a child’s Halloween costume, they may want a hood with ears.

Tail: Again, a cat Halloween costume would not be complete without a tail. So, be sure to safety pin or attach a tail to your pants, or the seat of whatever you are wearing. If you buy a premade costume it probably has one already attached. If not, get one. They are well worth it. You can get the type that belt around your waist for a bit more comfort, or the kind you attach to the seat of your pants.

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