Meow for Halloween!

Cat makeup for Halloween can be either very simple, or complex. If you want to be a black cat, for example, you simply paint your face black, add some whiskers, and a dot of color to make the nose stand out. However, if you want to look more feline, and add some color, consider the following cat makeup Halloween suggestions:
Start with a clean face. If you don’t the makeup you use will rub off, and wear thin too soon, and your makeup and hard work to create great looking makeup will be wasted before the evening is over.

Choose the colors for your cat. You will want a basic color, white, and then some variations or colors that compliment the basic color. For example, you might make your cat a dark brown, and you compliment it with lighter shades, maybe some yellow, or some orange.

The best makeup to use is a clown type oil or cream based makeup. They are easy to get one, tend to set well, and wash off easy, but don’t smudge.

Choose the darker color and start by applying a base coat of spots of that color. Each cheek, and a spot on the forehead is a good place to start, as it will make you look like a cat with a white strip down the center of the face, or at least some color variation. You can alter this however you would like, but bring the color out to the apples of your cheeks, and down to your brow.

Next, use a thin layer of white makeup to cover the uncovered areas of the face. Use your finger tips to slightly blend the edges so that they mesh well together, and are not a stark contrast, but rather a fuzzy line.

Use black makeup or face paint to create the nose. You will want to do this by blackening the underside of your nose, and bringing the black a bit out so that the top of your nose has a little as well.

Create the mouth of the cat by extending a thin line of black from the nose to your lip, and then surrounding your lips with some black paint. Paint a few black dots to represent whiskers, you can also attach some synthetic whiskers if you would like.

Use some more black to line the eyes, and then use various shades of color that compliment the base colors you chose to give the face some variation and contrast to create depth. For example, if you choose yellow and white as your base colors you might want to mix in a little brown and orange to add some variation to the face. You can create strips or give it a calico look by strategically placing lines or blotches of colors that compliment the colors you already have down.

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