Expert Halloween Make Up Tips

Halloween makeup is a big part of a great Halloween costume. However, not all makeup is created equally, and not all Halloween makeup is going to result in a positive experience. If you want to have great Halloween makeup, consider these Halloween makeup tips:

Tip one: Clean your face.

Similar to putting paint on a wall, you don’t want to put makeup on a dirty face. Dirt, oil, etc. will make the makeup less long lasting. In other words, it will rub off and wear off faster, and may not last the whole night of parties or trick or treating.

Tip two: Wear washable makeup.

You might really love the way your makeup looks with your Halloween costume, but you probably won’t love how it looks with your school clothes, or work clothes. So, make sure that the makeup is easy to get off, and that if it is not, that you have the makeup remover you need to get the makeup off at the end of the night.

Tip three: Choose the right type of makeup for your purposes, skin, etc.

There are a lot of different options for Halloween makeup. You can use powder form pancake makeup that is used as a foundation to help set other makeup, which is a good choice regardless of what other makeup you choose to use. There is cream makeup which is usually what you find at costume shops in tubes or sets designed for specific looks. This is usually the best option if you want an all over makeup that is easy to apply and remove. It is best when applied with a sponge. You then have stick makeup which is makeup that comes in a pencil or lipstick type form where you draw it on. This type of makeup for Halloween is not a great choice for all over color, but is great for creating shadows, details, highlights, etc. You can also get face paints, which tend to work on any face, and can be applied all over, or used for detailing just depending on the brush or sponge you use. Yet another option is liquid makeup paints, which is used to airbrush on designs or color. This is great if you are changing your whole skin color, such as if you want to be all green to be an alien, etc.

Tip four: Exercise precaution.

Halloween makeup is great, but you will want to do a skin test before applying it all over your face. If you react to it, it is best to avoid. You will also want to be careful not to apply it or wear it near open flames, as Halloween makeup is highly flammable.

Tip five: Enhance with extras like fake noses, warts, latex makeup, etc.

You can use adhesives-spirit gum, liquid latex and corn syrup to make things like blood, skin flaps, etc. You can also use premade rubber or latex scars, etc, to add dimension and gore to your face.

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