Tips for Great Halloween Make Up


Wearing Halloween makeup can really add to your costume, or it can create countless problems for you throughout the night. If you want to use makeup on Halloween, consider the following Halloween makeup tips:

Tip one: Always perform a skin test before applying makeup to your whole face, etc. This is done to ensure skin compatibility. The last thing you are going to want is to have a whole face of hives, or a rash break out, or redness and irritation because you were allergic or reacted badly to the makeup that you chose. There are a number of different makeup types out there, so if an oil based one doesn’t work, look into a powder or a cream makeup as they might work better for you.

Tip two: Never use Halloween makeup around sources of open flames, as it can be hazardous and flammable. This is an important precaution on Halloween when you light jack o’lanterns, etc. and have several instance of open flames. So just be careful, as you wouldn’t want your face to catch fire. The same holds true for baby powder. It is also dangerous around sources of open flame as it is flammable. So if you powder your hair or something, make sure you don’t go close to fire.

Tip three: Only use makeup on your face that is designed for use on the face. If the makeup is not approved makeup for facial areas, it can result in breakouts, dryness, irritation, and other allergic reactions. Even if you think your face can handle it, avoid makeup not designed for the face. Most Halloween makeup is designed for both the face and body, but it is worth looking at the packaging to make sure before taking that risk.

Tip four: Do not mix different kinds of makeup, a water and oil based makeup won’t work well together, neither will a powder and cream. So, instead, purchase separate tubes for each color you need, and apply them carefully and with caution.

Tip five: Only apply makeup to a clean face. It will stick better and last longer if you do not have dirt or oil on your face.

Tip six: Apply makeup in thin coats. If you apply too thick of a coat it will not dry properly and will rub off during the night of fun, leaving your costume looking less than it’s best. So, thinly apply then allow the makeup to adequately dry. If you are in a hurry, use a hair blower set to cold to blow the makeup dry at a more rapid pace.

Tip seven: Have a general idea of how to do your makeup either by following a design you found online, or by freehand drawing it before you start applying. This will help you make fewer mistakes, and allow you to not have to start over.

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