Five Great Halloween Party Games for Adults

Who doesn’t love the good old-fashioned neighborhood party? When you were a kid, Halloween was probably one of your favorite holidays, and probably because of the parties. Whether you are trick or treating or just staying at home, you will want to plan on some sort of party and some great Halloween party games. A great time can be had by all at a Halloween party if it is well planned. You need to think about all the different things that people will be doing at this party, and what ages and interests they have. Younger children like certain types of games, and adults like completely different ones. If you are planning for kids, realize that they probably have a shorter attention span than you do. Young children need games that will keep them constantly busy and that are not too cerebral.

For adults you will need a totally separate set of games that are based on different abilities and interests. Remember that adults are more laid back than children and that they will probably want more socially oriented games that allow them to talk with friends. With this said, however, adults also like lots of silly games that may be more physical and fast moving. You will have to judge based on the type of people in the group. All parties are based on the people who attend them, but here are some general games that adults should love:

One complicated but fun game for adults is a costume video scavenger hunt. In this game the various players need to go to several different places, in costume, and film themselves finding clues. This can be really fun because later that night everyone can look at the video and have a good laugh. If you do this, have them go to some really scary places, like grave yards.
Another activity that adults might like is trivia games about anything scary. The game should probably be based on a series of questions and team play. Another way to make this interesting is to play a scary Pictionary game, where teams have to draw scary things. This should be a real hit with adults in team play.

Most adults love movies, so if you have incorporated a movie trivia or guessing game in your Halloween party, you will probably have a great time. Try not to make the questions too specific or people won’t know the answers. A good trivia game will help adults remember some of their favorite scary movies.

If you haven’t tried this next game, you need to at your next Halloween party. Fill a large cauldron-like container with words related to Halloween stuff. Have each player pick a word from the cauldron. Players will then need to match their word with other player’words to make complete sentences or ideas. Stake, garlic, and cross, could, for example, all go with vampire, because these are all things that either deter or kill vampires.

So at your next big Halloween party try some of these games. They are sure to make a smash with almost any adults you have at your party. Remember that the key to an excellent Halloween party is creativity and proper planning. If the games suggested here are not appropriate for the group coming to your next party, don’t despair, just think of similar games that could entertain anyone at the party. Be flexible and realize that if people don’t like your game, you can switch to a new game.

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