Five Great Halloween Party Games for Kids

What kid doesn’t love Halloween? Some of your favorite memories probably involve a Halloween costume or a particular trick-or-treat trip that you took on Halloween eve. It’always fun to give out the candy as well. So maybe you don’t want to go through with the typical Halloween routine, and you want to do something even more special for the holiday? Have you thought of throwing a Halloween party? Knocking on doors and giving or getting candy is great, but a party with all of your friends dressed in costumes can be a great way to spend Halloween night.

If you have decided to throw such a party, what will you do? Obviously you will need lots of good food and candy, but there will need to be other activities as well. One of the great pastimes at Halloween parties are Halloween games, and there are plenty of these that you will just love to try with your neighbors and friends. Here are a few great games that will tickle your fancy:

One of our personal favorites is the cake walk. A good old fashioned cake walk will put smiles on the kid’faces, and you will be so glad that you tried it. Cake walks take a bit of work but it is well worth it. To start you will need a large area in your house, or outside, that you can put numbered pieces of paper on. The pieces of paper need to go in a circle. Each child or adult starts the game by standing on one of the pieces of paper. You will want to pick some good music that is Halloween appropriate, because when the music is started the game officially begins. As the music plays, the children or adults walk around the circle, stepping on each numbered piece of paper. When the music stops (and you control when the music stops) the person standing on a number that you call out is the winner, and they win either a cake or some sort of candy.

Another great Halloween game is pin the broom on the witch. This is basically a Halloween version of pin the tail on the donkey. Make a paper cut-out of a witch, and give one child a paper broom. Blindfold the child who is going to try to pin the broom on the witch.

Another non Halloween game that can be used very well at Halloween is a piñata shaped like a ghost, mummy, or witch. Kids love to be able to show how strong they are, and when the pinata breaks, and all the candy comes out, the kids are especially overjoyed.

Bobbing for apples is an old favorite that is always popular. Fill a large basin with cool water, fill it with apples and let the kids have fun. Be careful! Always have someone monitoring.

Hide and seek is a great game on Halloween, when everyone is dressed up in a costume. This game is one that you will need to be careful with as well. Only play in a well lighted area.

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