Treat Your Pet Right On Halloween

When it comes to Halloween, you, the savvy pet owner, probably worry about ways you can protect your pet from eager trick-or-treaters. They may want to share their candy with your beloved pet. If your pet eats any kind of candy, but especially chocolate, they can actually be poisoned from it and could possibly die. So as a responsible pet owner, you want to take every precaution that you can to ensure that your animal is not fed any type of candy. And even if they don’t get sick from the candy, they can get hyper, which can ruin your entire night of sleep, not to mention the furniture in your house. But the good news is that there are some things that you can do to help protect your pet from those nice little trick-or-treaters.

Here are some tips to follow to help protect your pets from eager trick-or-treaters sharing.

Tip one:

As most of you pet owners are probably already aware, candy, especially chocolate, can be deadly to your pets. One of the best ways to protect your pets from little kids sharing their treats with your pet is to leave your pet at home while you are out trick-or-treating. When leaving your pet at home, make sure that they are secure in the house so that strangers can not feed them through the fence.

Tip two:

If you do end up bringing your pet with you while trick-or-treating make sure that you keep them on leash at all times. By keeping your pet right next to you, you lower the risk that some little kid is going to be giving them candy without you being aware of it. If you allow your pet to stay off leash they can approach anybody and be fed candy without you being aware of it.

Tip three:

One of the best bets to keep your pet safe from trick-or-treaters is to keep your pet secured in a separate room. This way, when children come to the door your dog won’t beg for treats, and the children will not be tempted to try and share their candy with your pet. If you do leave your pet out in the room with you be sure to keep a close eye on your pet, and if you see a child attempting to give your pet candy simply stop the child or say something to the parents.

Tip four:

Another way to help protect your pet from children who are eager to share their treats is to purchase a storm door and take the glass out of the top portion of the door. This will prevent your pet from getting out of the house and will allow you to pass candy to children rather easily. You can also walk outside and shut the door behind you to safely pass out the candy. Another option that you have is to sit outside your house on the porch during the peak trick-or-treating hours. This will keep your pets away from unwanted treats and will ensure that they don’t dart outside unexpectedly.

Your best bet in keeping your pet safe from eager trick-or-treaters who want to share their treats is to keep your pet away from everybody by locking them in a room inside your house. You can keep them outside but then you run the chance of your pet jumping the fence or people throwing things over the fence for your pet to eat. By keeping your pet secure both of you are going to be in for a fun and safe holiday.

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