Halloween Crafts for Five to Ten Year Olds

You can do any of the crafts above with this age level; they will come out more detailed. However, there are also some more advanced crafts you can try with this age group.

Mini pumpkins- this is a little more detail-oriented and more work, however they are fun and great decorations. The kids will love being able to make pumpkins out of what appears to be a bunch of stuff. Family Fun Mini Pumpkins

Stone faced pumpkins- this is a great Halloween craft for this age. It takes a little work to paint the rock, but the rest is right up their ally. Have fun creating these with your kids. You will enjoy this craft also. In fact it is very possible to add a great deal of detail to the rock images, to make much more than just a standard pumpkin. Family Fun Stone Face Pumpkins

Foam ghosts- this is a great way for your younger school aged child to learn more about scissors use. Ghosts come in all shapes and sizes when you let your kid create their own image of a ghost. Family Fun Ghost

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