Five Great Halloween Party Ideas


Sometimes the hardest thing about throwing a Halloween party is coming up with an idea that hasn’t been done over and over again. Yet few people fail to consider that Halloween is really a celebration with few limits and is open to lots of interpretations for lots of fun activities. By using your own creativity and ideas you can come up with a party idea that will not fail to impress your guests with its uniqueness. If you need some help, read on for some great ideas that will have you celebrating Halloween in an all new fun and fresh way. Here are 5 great Halloween party ideas:

1.For a new take on Halloween consider “reverse trick or treating”. This is an especially great activity for families. Have a variety of projects that your party guests can work on, for example: decorating Halloween themed sugar cookies, putting together soup mixes, making fun cards etc. When everyone is finished with their projects then baskets are made to be delivered to those who may not be enjoying the holiday like everyone else. Encourage all your guests to come in costume since that really adds to the fun when the baskets are delivered. You may be starting the first of a new Halloween tradition.

2.Do you often wonder what to do with the bits and pieces of Halloween costumes that seem to be left over from year to year? You are not alone. Have a new kind of costume party by encouraging all your family and friends to bring those costumes or pieces of costumes they don’t want anymore, and throw them into the costume pile. Then divide your guests up into two-person teams: either having one teammate design a costume for the other, or see if teams can come up with a whole new unique costume using only costume pieces from the pile. For added excitement, consider timing the procedure to get some really creative results. Just don’t forget to have a camera ready to snap those pictures of zebra/cowboy or a whole new kind of super hero.

3.Do you feel overwhelmed by putting a whole party together by yourself? If you do, then the answer for you may be a progressive Halloween party. Enlist a few of your friends to help you with the party and then give each one an area to be in charge of. If one friend is crafty then let her be in charge of a Halloween craft (especially if kids are involved). If another friend loves putting together spook alleys or scary storytelling then let her be in charge of entertainment. Then divide the meal out in courses so no one feels overwhelmed with all the cooking. One person could take appetizers, another the main course and the final house becomes the destination for a yummy Halloween dessert! The real fun may be as the group travels from house to house not knowing what may lie in store for them!

4.Most hostesses complain that the major obstacle in having a party is the food. What to plan, what to eat and how to serve the food becomes a major reason that many people simply do not have parties. Solve this problem by throwing a themed potluck. Perhaps you can have a chili cook off with would-be chefs competing for the best, spiciest or most unique chili. You could also include a “Jell-O Mold-off” since Jell-O seems to lend itself to some frighteningly unique Halloween creations. You could even have a cake walk with the cakes from your baking friends becoming the prizes!

5.While Halloween typically is portrayed with a wide variety of costumes, do not be afraid to have a themed party reflecting your favorite movie (scary or not). Just be sure that the party gives your guests a chance to dress as some fun characters. You may find the competition simply hilarious as guests compete for the best Dracula or Luke Skywalker. Be sure and take lots of pictures because where else will you find several Tin Mans (from the Wizard of Oz) all in the same place?

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