Halloween Safety

Halloween is a time full of fun festivities and activities that kids are encouraged to take part in. This time of year is a great time for them to socialize and have fun getting candy from people. However, there are people out there that are shady and might hurt your child. Also, there are tricks that people pull that could end up hurting your child. There are also risks at this time of year with kids going out and running around the streets when it’dark outside. In order to keep kids safe, here are some safety tips to have in mind.

Trick-or-treating should be done in large groups of friends and/or supervised by several parents. Staying in a large group will ward off undesirables with bad intentions. Also, it’just a lot more fun to be surrounded by friends and family while out there loading up on candy.

Take kids trick-or-treating to people that you know. It will be more likely that they will get candy that hasn’t been tampered with in any way. If you do happen to go to people that you don’t know, it’not the end of the world, just take the precaution of checking the candy before they eat it. Take the kids into neighborhoods that have good lighting and have a strong police force.

Know what your kids are doing on Halloween night. Be sure to take them to whatever parties they may attend, and make sure they are supervised. They could become involved in juvenile delinquent behavior and make dumb choices that they will regret. Also, it could keep them safe from becoming the victims of cruel jokes that mean kids do on Halloween. It would be wise to give cell phones to the ones out on their own so that they or you can get a hold of each other any time. In case of an emergency, they’ll have a way to let you know and prevent some scary moment for them.

Another good safety tip for Halloween night is to drive very slowly in neighborhood streets. Just expect and plan to take more time getting to where you need to go on Halloween. Driving slower will also help parents feel better about letting their children roam the streets.

And finally, the last tip of the day: visibility. Make sure that kids going out to get their loot can be seen well. The cheapest and easiest way to make them more visible is to take reflectors from bicycles and strap them to their ankles. When cars are coming down the street, the drivers will be able to clearly see the little feet of your child gleefully galloping to the next house for candy.

Take the time to sit down with your family and talk about how they are all going to make an effort to be safe on Halloween. Go over everyone’plans and make sure that it is all worked so that they are aware to be mindful of themselves and others. To know the family is safe and that they are having fun will make Halloween more enjoyable all around.

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