Fourth Grade And Up Halloween Crafts


Witch crash- again this is a great yard craft. The image is as big as a human. There is some work involved but the effect will be great. Family Fun Witch Crash

Monster mansion- this is a detailed craft, which makes for fun décor in the home. The different levels of age groups will be able to add their own skill to the total project. Family Fun Monster Mansion

Monster jug heads- this is fun, scary and cool crafting. This will be a craft for all that is a blast to make. The detail is a little tough to get, but it is not that hard to figure out. Family Fun Monster Jugheads

These are crafts for all the different ages in your family. Now it is up to you to choose where you want to start your spooky exploration of fun.

Halloween Is...
Halloween Is...
Price: $3.99
The Book of Hallowe en: The Origin and History of Halloween
The Book of Hallowe'en: The Origin and History of Halloween
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