Trick Or Treat In Style For Less


Halloween is the time of year where candy companies, costume suppliers, and other holiday merchandisers make a killing off of your wallet. After buying all the candy, decorations, and renting all those scary movies for that special night of jokes and treats, you might have lost the interest of spending any more for a good Halloween costume. Most Halloween costume stores are over-priced and don’t even make costumes that will last more than one or two seasons. So here’an idea; why not make your very own costume for your little kid? They are going to outgrow it anyway, so let’just stick with what you have already.

First off, think of different things that your child likes. For example, a lot of little boys like ninjas or boxers or anything to do with sports. If this is the case for you, then that is extremely convenient for you if an older brother or sister played that sport. All the things you need are already in the house. Maybe get a little more creative and add some of your wife’makeup and make your son a zombie quarterback. Better yet, just make some dark circles around little Billy’eyes and let some ketchup dry in the corners of his mouth and make him a vampire ninja. There’no reason why you can’t recycle old pieces of clothing to make something fun for the one night they are going to wear it.

Little girls usually like fairies, princesses, elves, and all that cuddly stuff. An easy way to make a fairy costume is to take a fluffy dress or a tutu she might have, shape some wings out of some wire (metal hangers), pull some fabric over the wire, and then glue glitter into cool shapes on the wings. After that, mess with some makeup on her face. She will love her new fairy costume.

Another fun and easy costume to make is to find a big shirt that two kids can fit into and cut an extra hole for another head to fit through. Put the two kids in
the shirt and you have yourself some original siamese twins. Hey, maybe if you play it right, people will give the kids money along with their candy to have a surgery to have them separated. The surgeries are very expensive.

If your son or daughter is way into Star Wars, there are some quick and easy ways to make a costume. Take an old bathrobe (solid colors work better), some basic sandals, and a stick. Take the stick and smooth it out with a knife and a sander. After that, paint it with some neon colored spray paint and wrap some duct tape on the bottom for the handle. Put your child in the robe, throw the sandals and send them out with their new light saber. If you are feeling ambitious, by some glow in the dark paint and throw that onto the saber for a cool night effect. Your child will look like the newest addition to the force.

Another quick costume idea is making your kid look really creepy. Dress them up into something they would wear to church, then, paint their faces white. Put blue or purple lip stick on them and then darken the eyes a bit with some grey or black. Put a little bit of yellow onto the cheeks to hollow them out a bit. When you are finished, they will look like they have escaped from a funeral home and will freak out anyone who answers the door.

Making a costume should be all fun and little money. It’not hard to think of something original and really cheap. Sit down, think about it a minute, and then go do it. The neat thing about it is that it will probably be one of the more memorable costumes they wear for Halloween because they will remember that you made it yourself.

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