Scary Halloween Costumes For Teens


Halloween is the one time of the year when teens have a chance to really go all out and create a costume that will be the envy of the Halloween party. Scary costumes are obviously very popular, especially with rambunctious teens that can’t wait for the chance to make their classmates squeal. Few parents have a lot of experience making their own teenagers look scary on Halloween, so here are a few pointers that you can use to get started.

Dead Dressing in costume like you are dead is one of the most popular scary costume choices. Creating a living-dead costume is relatively easy to do. Find some old clothes at the back of your closet or buy some inexpensive ones at a second hand store. Make sure that the clothes are really tattered and torn. Burn victims should have scorch marks on their clothes, stabbing victims should have blood stains and corresponding cuts in their clothes, etc. you get the point. Making your “dead” teen costume look as realistic as possible is also keen. If you really want a creepy costume, you have to pay attention to the details.

Masks The fastest way to de-humanize a person is to cover their face. Masks are scary because they take away the friendly human aspect of the person underneath. The right mask, with some dark clothing may be all that you need for a really scary Halloween costume. Finish the outfit with a wig and some accessories (saws, knives, axe, etc.). As a side note, masks are often not allowed in school or city sponsored events. Some consider them a safety concern both for the one wearing the mask and for others that may feel uncomfortable in the presence of the completely disguised. Before sending your teen out in a masked costume, make sure that whatever functions he or she will be going to will allow masks. Not checking ahead of time can lead to disappointment.

Make-up a good make up job can really give you a scary look. Halloween face paint kits are getting more and more sophisticated. You can buy kits that can help you achieve the look of bone, scars, blood, pretty much anything you can imagine can be done with make-up. Make-up is also a safer alternative to wearing a mask as there is nothing that should obstruct your vision or airways.

Acting Even the scariest costume is unimpressive unless the teen wearing it plays the part. If you really want to be scary you need to put yourself into the role that you are dressed as. Moan, wail, laugh, etc. Get your whole body into it. Limp and slither about. Walk and talk the way you think your costume character would, and you will really add to the scariness of your costume. Of course with all the acting you should always act responsibly.

Renting a costume Some parents may not have a lot of confidence in their abilities to help their teens with a scary costume. Most parents are not anxious to turn their kids into scary monsters. If you do not think that you are going to be much help to your teen, consider renting a costume instead of putting one together yourself. Many times there are specialty shops that open for a few weeks before Halloween. These shops can carry all kinds of unique costume items. The Internet will also have vendors who sell Halloween costumes. Check to see if any neighborhood play houses or theatres rent out their costumes. There are plenty of ways to find your teen a scary costume, with minimal effort from mom and dad.

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