Halloween Costumes For The Sophisticated PreTeen

Portrait of Preteen Girl Wearing Cowboy Hat Playing at the Pumpk

So you’ve got a preteen who thinks that his/her parents are “so uncool”, and they think that dressing up this year for Halloween is “lame” or even “stupid.” This age group has this idea that being mature doesn’t mean being cool and boring. It’a good idea to maybe get them more involved with the holiday by suggesting some ideas for costumes that would be cool enough to wear outside of the house, maybe even check out a Halloween party. The truth of it is that Halloween is full of parties, candy, girls, and boys. There’nothing that a preteen likes more than candy and parties with boys and girls at them. So with that said, suggesting them those things first might get them more motivated to check out these next costume ideas for preens.

For a guy, it is always a hit to dress up like a character from a cartoon series that was popular when your peers were little. Teen Age Mutant Ninja Turtles is a perfect example of characters that everyone would recognize and probably compliment. Most department stores carry Ninja Turtle costumes and accessories, so that would be a really good choice to go with for availability. Another cool way to go for a guy preteen is to dress up like a legendary sports icon. There is an endless list of costume ideas for any of those athletes that your child admires.

Girls like to wear something that is fashion savvy, yet is in tune with Halloween. Think of something hip-hop, or even just something from pop culture that can be done up in a teeny-bopper style. For example, dressing up like a witch could be altered into dressing up like a witch from Vegas, or a fairy pop singer, or even a hip hop looking princess. These ideas might inspire your daughter to think of her own costume idea and motivate her to make her own costume, which saves time on your part to think about other things. It’also an excuse for them to go shopping and spend money to make themselves look pretty. Aren’t those the two things that every preteen girl thinks about?

Another fun thing to do to get preens excited about Halloween is to get them and their friends together and dress up to a theme they all decide. For example, they could all dress up like characters from the Matrix and walk around acting out scenes from the movie. The fun part about this is that it makes making costumes easier because usually if they are all sticking to a theme, parents can help each other find similar pieces for the costumes or help each other make different things that they need.

Another fun costume idea is to dress up as famous historical figures. Girls can dress up like famous queens or princesses. Guys can dress up like warriors, knights, kings, cavemen, anything they want to that is interesting to them. Doing this requires a little research on your child’part. This is a good learning opportunity to get them reading and exploring and being creative all at the same time. They will soon learn that being mature means knowing how do things on their own for themselves.

There are so many ideas that preteens can come up with for Halloween costumes that it only requires the least amount of work to figure out what would be fun to do. The key is to get them excited about the costumes by incorporating what they already like into the holiday spirit.

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