Making Baby’s Halloween Costume From Things Around The House


When Halloween time comes around many parents cannot afford to pay for an expensive costume that their child will wear for one night and be grown out of by the next year. Needless to say, buying a costume for an infant that cannot even go trick-or-treating and will not even appreciate wearing a costume is equally counter intuitive. In a situation like this, many parents turn to using what they have at home to make their child’Halloween costume.


When it comes to making a baby Halloween costume, there are some simple and generic steps that you can take to help to guide you in the process. Below you will find suggestions for the methodology that you can use as you brainstorm for and make your baby’Halloween costume with what you have at home.

How to make a baby Halloween costume with what you have at home

1.Start with an idea It is going to be hard to make any kind of costume if you do not have some ideas in mind first. Brainstorm simple costumes that you can make. Generally, animals are easy to make. If your baby is still a swaddled infant, think of what things remind you of the long round shape of your wrapped baby. Here are a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing:

Puppy, lamb, cow, bunny or cat costumes are basically made with the same materials but with a few detail differences such as shape differences in the ears and tail.

Dinosaur or lizard costumes just require the addition of stuffed felt scales to a green outfit to complete the look.

Ghost and bat costumes require only a single piece of white or black fabric to complete the look. Remember that the costume doesn’t have to be labor intensive to look good.

2.Look at what you have Look around your house for things that you think you can use for your costume. Onesies, footed pajamas, sweat shirts, sweat pants, tights, etc. are all good base clothes to add detail to in order to make costumes. Other fabrics, felt, and any other baby-safe material will also be useful.

3.Adding detail You are probably going to have to enhance your baby’sweat clothes or onesies with the details that will make their costume more recognizable. Using Velcro to attach pieces of felt is an excellent option as Velcro is safe for babies and so many other materials that adhere are not.

4.Incorporate baby’costume with the rest of the family Many people really enjoy incorporating the baby’costume with the costumes of the remainder of the family. For example, if you were to make baby a pea pod costume, the rest of the family can dress as other types of vegetables. Or, you can all go as different characters in a movie. One example is to have baby dressed as Toto from the Wizard of Oz and the remainder of the family can dress as the other characters.

5.Have safety and comfort in mind Remember that, as with everything else that you allow your baby to be in close contact with, your costume needs to be free of any choking hazards. Make sure that any parts that you have sewn on are attached securely. Avoid using fabric paint as pieces of this paint can be picked off of the costume. Make sure that the costume is warm, especially if you are going to be outside with your child for any period of time.

Other Tips

It is easy to get carried away with these baby costumes especially if you are a perfectionist, but remember that your child will not even remember what their costume looked like and if they do remember it is unlikely that they will be as concerned about the details as you are. After all, the whole point of Halloween is to have fun, not to be overly concerned about giving your kids a costume with a designer look or price tag.

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