Baby Costumes For Halloween

Let’s face it; kids aren’t the only ones who have fun on Halloween. Parents also have fun dressing their kids up in cute, coordinating, or clever costumes. Babies in particular fall victim to their parents’ desires to dress them up. But there is nothing wrong with making or buying your baby a costume this year. It’s part of the fun of the holiday! In fact, here are some baby Halloween suggestions for all you parents out there:

Find a costume that suits your baby’s tastes If you are having trouble thinking of what kind of costume to dress your child in, take cues from their interests. If your little one loves dogs, make a puppy costume, if they love a particular movie, dress them as one of the characters. You get the idea.

Take a cue from what’s popular Many times you will see Halloween costumes corresponding with the latest movie or video game craze. If you are having trouble thinking of a costume for your little one, think of what everyone is talking about and try to find a costume that relates to what’s popular. Many times kids’ movies and characters are easy to find costumes for (i.e. Batman, Spiderman, etc.).

A costume from your childhood Do you remember your favorite characters as a child? Maybe you were a fan of the My Little Pony line or perhaps you preferred Transformers and G.I. Joe’s. Since you are really dressing your child up for your sake and not theirs, why not be nostalgic and find or make a costume that your generation will appreciate?

Bunting costumes Obviously your baby is not going to be walking up to doors and ringing the bell to ask for treats himself, so you can be a little more creative with your costuming ideas because your little ones will not need the ability to move their legs freely. Bunting costumes are fun, creative, comfortable and cute. Bunting costume ideas include a pea pod, a chili pepper, a fish, a mermaid, etc. you really have a lot of different options available when all you need to consider is having a place for baby’s face to show through and a couple of arm holes.

Make it yourself For all the parents out there who want to be involved in the Halloween festivities but do not want to spend a small fortune to outfit their baby in addition to themselves and any other kids, why not make your own baby costume. All that you need to make a great baby costume is some matching one piece suits (Onesies) or sweat shirt and pants combo and some felt. With a little stitching and some cutting of detailed shapes you can make any simple costume. For example, an oversized orange jumpsuit stuffed with felt or a blanket forms the base for a jack-o-lantern costume. Add black felt cut-outs for the face (use removable Velcro to attach the face to the body suit) and a green felt hat for the stem. It is easy and looks just as good as a purchased costume.

Make it a family affair Another fun idea for baby Halloween costumes is to make baby’s costume coordinate with the costumes of other members of the family. For example, you can have the whole family dress as hippies or pieces of fruit. Or you can coordinate your Halloween costumes by each dressing as characters from your favorite family movie. Of course you would not leave baby out. Dress your baby as one of the smallest characters in a movie, nursery rhyme or story book.

If you are still having trouble finding ideas for baby Halloween costumes, try looking online. There are hundreds of Halloween costume vendors. Even if you do not want to buy a costume online you can look at some of the ideas and try to duplicate them yourself. Also, ask other parents and friends for their advice. Someone who knows you and your family well may be able to suggest a costume that everyone will enjoy.

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