Top Five Baby Halloween Costumes

Dressing your baby in a Halloween costume is a fun way to celebrate the holiday, whether or not you are going to be going trick-or-treating. However, many people are at a loss when it comes to deciding on the perfect costume for their baby. So to help you in making your decision, below are the top five baby Halloween costumes.


A jack-o-lantern is one of the most recognizable objects associated with Halloween. Its relatively simple shape and facial features make the jack-o-lantern an easily recognizable tradition. Why not then translate the famous faced pumpkin into a costume for your baby? To do so is very simple. You can use tights, pajamas, a sweat suit, or basically any orange clothes that you can find, to use as the base color of the pumpkin. You can stuff the shirt of the costume to make the jack-o-lantern appear more round. Then simply use Velcro to attach black pieces of felt that have been cut to the shape of the jack-o-lantern’eyes, nose, and mouth. A green hat with a felt leaf finishes this classic and ever popular costume off perfectly.

2.Pea Pod

This costume is appropriate for both baby girls and baby boys. All that you need is a green base outfit. Your baby will form the long casing of the pea pod. As most babies are comfortable lying on their backs, it works perfectly to add three small, round, green pillows or balls of fluff in a line to form the peas that are in the baby pod. Finish this costume off with a green hat for baby and you have a cute and comfortable costume that everyone, including baby, will love.

Super Hero or Princess

Pop culture definitely has a huge influence over the types of costumes that are popular in any given year. Therefore, some of the most popular Halloween costumes for kids generally reflect their interest in either super heroes (for boys usually) and princess characters (most likely for the girls). Take your cues for this top costume from recent blockbusters and listen to what all the kids are talking about.

Barnyard Animal

Barnyard animal costumes for your baby make the top five list because of their ease to make and their simple yet adorable impact. Depending on how old your child is they may or may not be able to recognize or have a favorite animal to make an animal costume choice easier on you. So try to think of a barnyard animal that you think that you can make from the materials that you have at home. Puppies, cats, pigs, cows, and chickens are all fun options to choose from.


Flower costumes are timeless. Making a flower costume is simple because the only part of the costume that you really have to worry about is the blossom. The baby’head is the center of the blossom and the rest of his body needs only to be dressed in green for the flower’stem. Flower petals can be made individually or you can cut out the shape of the whole flower. Sew the front and the back of the petals together and stuff with some batting. Remember to leave plenty of space in the middle of the blossom for the baby’face.

Other favorite baby costumes

There are so many good baby Halloween costumes that it is difficult to narrow it down to just a few. So here are some more ideas for top baby costumes that you may also want to consider.

•Chili pepper
•Tootsie Roll
•Sugar Daddies (or Sugar Babies)
•Movie characters

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