Things To Consider Regarding Baby’s Costume

Halloween is a great time of year when kids are allowed to bother the neighbors by asking for candy, and it is all perfectly acceptable if not expected. And of course you will want to include your baby in all of the festivities of All Hallows Eve. You may have even thought of some costume ideas. But before you go out and buy a costume for your baby, there are a few things that you should consider.


By the end of October most states are seeing much colder weather, especially once the sun has gone down. Additionally, October is usually the start of the rainy (or snowy) season so you have cold, wet air to contend with. You probably already know that infants are not able to combat with the weather as well as adults are, and they therefore need added layers of clothing for warmth. As you look for baby costumes make sure that you are getting a costume that is made of heavy material that is intended to make baby warm, or that it is big enough to put over a warm outfit that you can put on your baby underneath their costume. Hats are an especially good idea as much of our body heat escapes through our heads. Having baby wear a hat will not only keep them warm, but it is also a good opportunity to add a fun feature to the costume.


Safety needs to be at the front of parents’ minds as they consider their baby’Halloween costume options. Remember that young children are curious, and they often satisfy their curiosity for an object by putting that object in their mouth. Make sure that no part of their costume is small enough to pose a choking hazard. Babies do not need to have candy as this too could be very dangerous if it becomes lodged in their throat. Zippers, ties, buttons, etc. should all be double checked to ensure that they are secured strongly to the costume.

Comfort (fabric and mobility)

Babies enjoy wiggling and experimenting with their body movement. Unless your baby is still an infant, they will most likely want some level of mobility. Make sure that the costume that you decide to buy allows for a little wiggle room. Also make sure that it is comfortable for your baby’skin. Baby’skin is much more sensitive than the skin of most adults. Babies can have reactions or be very uncomfortable in some synthetic types of fabrics.


The more simple costumes are usually the best choices when it comes to a Halloween costume for baby. Most parents find it wise to practice frugality when buying a baby Halloween costume as the child will likely only wear the costume for a couple hours on a single night. Baby is usually happier with a costume that more closely resembles the clothing that they are used to.

Night-time Dangers

Even though you are not allowing your baby to wander off by himself on Halloween, you will need to remember to keep yourself as safe as possible as you wander around the dark streets of your neighborhood. Make sure that everyone is careful to avoid busy streets and that baby is particularly visible. If you are carrying your child, give them a flashlight to hold. If your baby is still small enough to be carried in a carrier, make sure to put reflective tape on the carrier so that others can see that you are carrying a child. If your costume choice for your child hinders the ability for others to see them, you may want to reconsider or at least think of other ways to avoid the dangers that are inherent with night time.

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