Toddler Halloween Costumes

It is easy enough to make a cute Halloween costume for your toddler without spending much money. If you want to make a homemade costume, what you really need is a hooded sweatsuit. Here are a few ideas for easy costumes that you can make for your toddler.

Turtle—You don’t even need a hood to make a turtle costume, but you will need a decent sized piece of cardboard. A green pair of pajamas will work fine for the costume base. Next, you should cut out a round or oval “shell” from a piece of cardboard. Use markers or paints to decorate the shell. To make the shell wearable, you will need to attach two pieces of elastic, the long way, onto the back of the shell. These will go around your toddler’arms. Do not make the turtle costume if your toddler does not like to walk. Holding your baby while wearing this costume will be a hassle, but if your baby likes to walk, it will make a very cute and easy outfit.

Mouse—To make a mouse costume, you will need a gray hooded sweatsuit, some little gray socks, and a little bit of gray felt. The key to making a good mouse is the ears; you want to make big round ears that stand up. Once you have cut the ears out, thread a pipe cleaner around the perimeter of the ears so that they stand up and attach the ears to the hood of the sweatsuit. You can either use a glue gun or a needle and thread to attach the ears. Once the ears are attached, you should do the same thing for a little tail. You can cut out a long gray tail and attach it with a safety pin. Now just add a little pink nose and a few whiskers with makeup; put your baby’s hands and feet inside of the gray socks and you have yourself a little Halloween mouse.

Puppies and Kitties—To make a puppy or kitty costume, you need to follow the instructions for the mouse costume but change the color and the ear shape to match the kind of puppy or kitty you want to make. By using a hooded sweatsuit and attaching tails and ears, you will be able to make any number of animal costumes. Kitties and puppies are cute and easy but so are lambs, bunnies, tigers, cows, and pigs. These are great costumes for toddlers because they don’t involve wearing anything other than what they are used to wearing. It won’t do you any good to have the most fabulous costume that money can buy if you can’t talk your two-year old into keeping it on. And when is the last time you were able to talk your two-year old into anything?

Spider—A spider makes an adorable costume for a child who still spends a good amount of time crawling or scooting on the floor. To make a spider costume, you should start with a black sweatsuit and four pairs of black nylons or black socks. Stuff the nylons or socks with batting or whatever you have for stuffing, and then pin the legs to the sides of the costume. If you child crawls on the floor, the floppy legs will give the appearance of a spider crawling across the floor. For older children, you might add a red hourglass made of felt to the belly of the costume to make a “black widow”. You can also use fishing line or dental floss to attach all of the legs to you child’arms, that way, when they move their arms up and down all eight legs will move up and down as well.

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