Top Five Halloween Costumes for Toddlers

Your child may not remember his or her first dress-up Halloween, but you probably will. Dress your baby in style by using one of these top five ideas for toddler Halloween costumes.

Animal Costumes

The most common costumes for toddlers are animal costumes. These animal costumes include puppies, pigs, kitties, cows, and bunnies to name a few. There are several reasons that these costumes are so popular. One reason is that the costumes are commonly made out of hoodie pajamas or hooded sweatsuits. These clothes are clothes that your toddler will already be accustomed to wearing so it won’t be a problem to get them to keep the costume on. Another reason that these costumes are so popular is that they don’t require any separate parts. There is nothing for the toddler to hold or keep track of (meaning there is nothing for you to hold or keep track of). The biggest reason that these costumes are so popular is that they are easy to make by hand. Most people should be able to make a respectable costume out of things that they have around the house.

Insect Costumes

For many of the same reasons that the animal costumes are popular, so are the insect costumes. Little girls make cute ladybugs and butterflies. Little boys make great spiders and bees. The insect costumes usually require wings which might be a little bit of a hassle if you end up carrying your child but the costumes are really cute. If you are only going to trick-or-treat a couple of houses or if you are going to a costume party, insect costumes might be the way to go. These are costumes that you might consider making yourself. You can use the same pajamas or sweatsuits as you would use to make animal costumes, just add antennas instead of ears and attach wings to the back.

Character Costumes

Superman costumes are quite popular as are Elmo and Curious George costumes. This year there are bound to be more Spiderman costumes and Harry Potter costumes as well but these might be hard to find in toddler sizes. These are costumes that you will need to buy, as they will be hard to make by hand. To find these character costumes, you might look at your local department stores or you might look online. There are plenty of websites that offer costumes for toddlers. One to look at is Costume Kingdom .


Vegetable Costumes

One of the classic Halloween costumes is the pumpkin. There are darling pumpkin costumes that you can buy and they are also easy enough to make at home. Little chubby faced toddlers make great pumpkins and the stuffing ensures that your little pumpkin will be warm while trick-or-treating this Halloween. Another Vegetable costume that is becoming more popular for babies is the Chili Pepper costume. These are bunting costumes that you wrap your baby up in, letting your baby stay warm and be cute on Halloween.


KBToys sells some adorable fairy costumes for toddlers and last year they were the most popular costumes sold specifically for toddlers. They sell both a Tulip Fairy costume and a Sugar Plum Fairy costume for around twenty-five dollars, and they are in sizes that fit babies from 12 to 24 months. Their Red Strawberry Fairy costume isn’t quite as popular as the other fairy costumes (the Tulip Fairy is the most popular) but it is still a great costume for toddler aged little girls.

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