Halloween Fun

Halloween Fun


Halloween Party Food Menu

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One of the most important aspects to any party is the food. And if you are planning a Halloween party there are lots of fun things you can serve. There is many different ideas that you can use to make your Halloween food extra good (and ghoulish). Be sure to label all of your creations […]

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Math Projects with Halloween Candy

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While the deliciousness of Halloween candy is hard to deny if you are a parent you may be wondering if all the sugar in candy corn is good for your kids. However in some ways, it just might be! You may be surprised to learn that candy corn could possibly boost thinking skills and improve […]

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What Is the Reason for Carving Pumpkins for Halloween?

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Halloween as it is observed today is a secular holiday which takes place on October 31. Though Halloween has been regarded up until the last few decades of the 20th century as primarily a holiday for children in more recent years adults have taken to Halloween activities such as mask wearing, costume parties, themed decorations. […]

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Halloween Movies For Families

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When you think of Halloween movies you probably think of movies that are scary, have monsters, or involve having to close your eyes during some part of the movie. “Family friendly” is probably not a term that you commonly associate with Halloween movies, but you should. Watching a Halloween movie as a family is a […]

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Reviewing “Nightmare Before Christmas”

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Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas was an instant hit.   Everyone, young and old, loved the quirky, clever nature of this animated movie.   But if you’re one of the few who didn’t get around to seeing it in 1993 when it was released, you may want to read a few reviews before you […]

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Top Five Family Friendly Movies For Halloween

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When it comes to Halloween movies there are many options to choose from. Some Halloween movies are horror flicks that are designed to be gory, violent and downright horrifying. Other Halloween movies aren’t really scary at all. They just poke fun at the really scary movies and make people feel much more jovial about the […]

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