Halloween Fun

Halloween Fun


My Ideas for Creating Halloween Art

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Every October, as fallen leaves carpet the ground with brilliant shades of brown, yellow, red and orange, I enjoy the variety of strange and spooky images that start to appear. Ghosts and ghouls hang from trees, carved pumpkins and gnarled broomsticks appear on doorsteps, spiders weave webs across windows and gravestones turn up on my […]

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Different Ways to Roast Pumpkin Seeds

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Pumpkin seeds used to just be thrown out with the rest of the pumpkin “goo” that resulted after carving your pumpkin. But today enterprising cooks have found a variety of ways to roast the pumpkin seeds and serve them in delicious recipes. It is important to keep in mind that you can not quite cook […]

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Pumpkin Projects Your Little Monsters Will Love

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Halloween is really all about pumpkins and kids love pumpkins. But the safety issues that surround carving a pumpkin at Halloween do not always mix well with young children. To add some Halloween pumpkin fun for your younger kids you can have them try some of these fun Halloween pumpkin projects. They will still be […]

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Halloween Pumpkin Projects for Your Little Monsters

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Young children especially love to do crafts and there is not better time to do them then at Halloween. The fun and excitement of Halloween will have your little ones excited about making pumpkin projects. Best of all these are all age appropriate crafts that do not require extensive crafting skills or expensive materials. They […]

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Egg Carton Treat Holder

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Halloween is the time of year where kids get treats, and get to dress up. It used to be all about ghosts and goblins, but now it is more about princesses and super heroes. To help your little heroes and princess get into the holiday spirit, try the following fun Halloween crafts: Egg carton treat […]

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Paper Jack O’ Lantern

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The following are two simple Halloween crafts that are fun for kids and adults, and that get everyone in the spooky, fun, mood for Halloween: Paper Jack-O-Lantern: Paper Jack-O-Lanterns are a fast, easy and relatively mess free way to let your child experience the fun of making a Jack-O-Lantern without the pumpkin, knife, and mess […]

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