Halloween Fun

Halloween Fun


Easy Bulletin Boards for Halloween

Halloween Background with Bat and Frankenstein

Most teachers, child care workers, or preschool teachers will have bulletin boards in their classrooms. They are a great way to display a student’s work, reinforce lessons being taught, and add a little festivity to the classroom for holidays and seasons. However, decorating bulletin boards can be both time consuming and expensive. A few tips […]

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Classroom Halloween Bulletin Board Ideas

Black Cats, Spiders, Pumpkins Background

Most teachers will use bulletin boards in their classrooms, and for good reasons. Bulletin boards are a great way to liven up a classroom and give students more to look at than blank walls. They are also a great way to display the things students are working on, incorporate projects in to things they are […]

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Spooky Pumpkins or Luminaries

Halloween Pumpkins

Older kids will love making these pumpkin luminaries to decorate your front walk for the trick or treaters! This can be a long project so an older child’s patience and diligence can be appreciated. What you will need: Glass jars (any size you want) ½ yard orange fabric Scraps of yellow fabric, small amounts needed […]

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Trick or Treating Witch

Halloween Witch

This is a much more difficult project that requires more patience and the more advanced dexterity of an older child or teen. While the project is time consuming the results are well worth it. What you will need: Block of wood cut into long slender triangle shapes Pencil Craft paints in black, white, peach, burgundy, […]

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Egg Carton Spiders

Spider Project

Part of the fun in having the children in your life grow older is their increased abilities. This is never truer than when it comes to crafts. While very small children are limited in their ability and their patience in making crafts older kids all the way up to teens often love crafting and have […]

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Writing Witch Brooms

Witch on a Broom

This is a fun and easy way to decorate your pencil or pen, especially if you’re a Harry Potter fan or you are just looking for a quick and easy Halloween project. What you will need: pencil brown paper (paper bags work great) double sided tape (you can use hot glue or white glue in […]

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