Halloween Fun

Halloween Fun


Haunted House: Quest for the Magic Book

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Find the magic book in this old haunted house. Play the hidden object and difference game in every room and open the door to the next room with the golden key. Just click to play, paying close attention to the details in this fun game!

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Potion of Beauty

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Mix up potions to turn this ugly witch into a pretty witch! In this game, there is plenty of room to add your own magical touches because the recipe you follow is more like a guideline. For instance, a picture of a drop means to add a liquid while a skull means to add something […]

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Truck or Treat

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Go on a candy collecting rampage in this fun Halloween driving game. To earn the big points, collect as much candy as you can using your arrow keys to drive through each treacherous level. Beware not to crash or fall into a candy trap, otherwise you will be starting the level over.

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Steak and Jake: Midnight March

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Help Steak and Jake guide the marching Ghouls along a Halloween trail! You will have to multi-task, using Jake the color-changing bird to fill in holes and clear the trail for Steak and the Ghouls. Play the matching game to change Jake’s color, then click on obstacles in the same color to clear them. Click […]

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Trick or Tappi – Tappi Bear

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How many sweet Halloween points can you score in sixty seconds? In this cute match three game, click and drag to swap tasty treats and make chains of three or more identical candies. When the time is up, you can post your score and compete world wide!

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Hallows Revenge

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Take Halloween to outer space when you play this awesome shooting game! Battle against skeletons shooting lasers, pumpkins shooting glowing orbs and axe throwing masked mad men from the comfort of your space ship. Use your arrow keys to zip around and hold the space bar down to create a steady stream of ammunition!

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