Halloween Fun

Halloween Fun


Gatuno in Halloween

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Your cat has been turned into stone by an evil witch. Explore the room and hallway to collect objects and combine them. Solve the riddles that the Jack-o-Lantern’s give you and they will reward you with the three ingredients that you need to return your cat to its normal state.

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Buster is a thrilling jumping game full of action that does not stop until it is over. Click to start the jumping and continue jumping from treat to treat without falling back to the ground. Trick or treat bags will also give you letter and if you collect enough to spell “Trick or Treat”, you’ll […]

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Kullors School of Magic

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Play a magical color puzzle game for a little Halloween fun this year! To complete each puzzle, clear the shelves in the magic room of all the Kullors. Sometimes you have to combine Kullors in order to make new Kullors and clear the shelves. Click on any two Kullors to combine them, the Kullor they […]

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Halloween Bubble

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Clear the field in this funny-faced Halloween bubble shooter. Use your mouse to aim and click to fire. When you connect with a group of three or more bubbles, they will all pop. Any dangling bubbles will also pop, causing your points to soar!

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Pumpkin Supply

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Switchy Witch is making Gary the Ghost collect pumpkins and put them in the cart. Gary can only carry three pumpkins at a time and if he misses any he looses a life. Can you help Gary collect as many pumpkins before his lives run out? Use your mouse to move, click on the cart […]

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El Dorado

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Mr. Clumsy has found the lost city of El Dorado, search for the golden totem to exit from levels full of deadly traps with zombies, snakes, bats and more. Use your arrow keys to move and your space bar to use your only weapon, a whip. Collect treasure and have fun exploring El Dorado.

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