Halloween Fun: Articles and resources dedicated to the history of Halloween.

How Favorite Halloween Traditions Came About

October rolls around and the anxious excitement of the holiday season starts to electrify your blood. You think back on years past of all of the fun times that you had, and there are some very specific traditions that stick …[Continue]

The Birth Of Halloween


The doorbell rings. “I wonder who it is?” “It’the trick-or-treaters honey. It’that time of year!” And so it is, a bunch of little kids in weird looking costumes begging for free candy. Where did this idea of Halloween come from? …[Continue]

An International History of Halloween


Halloween has its roots in many different cultures. America is a place where people have different traditions from their old cultures, and they come together to make new holidays that resemble aspects of the old traditions. Halloween can be found …[Continue]

Brief Overview Of Halloween’s Origins


Are you interested in where modern day practices came from? America is a mixing pot of ideas, cultures, and traditions that has produced some interesting new ideas, culture, and modern day traditions. These have caught on and become nostalgic in …[Continue]