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Halloween Fun: Tips and tricks for doing Halloween costume make up.

Tips for Great Halloween Make Up


Wearing Halloween makeup can really add to your costume, or it can create countless problems for you throughout the night. If you want to use makeup on Halloween, consider the following Halloween makeup tips: Tip one: Always perform a skin …[Continue]

Meow for Halloween!


Cat makeup for Halloween can be either very simple, or complex. If you want to be a black cat, for example, you simply paint your face black, add some whiskers, and a dot of color to make the nose stand …[Continue]

Best Cat Halloween Make Up


A popular Halloween costume choice is that of a cat. To make the costume really believable and realistic, it is important to use makeup to enhance the look. In order to properly apply cat Halloween makeup consider the following steps: …[Continue]

More Halloween Make Up Instructions


Halloween makeup can be a real trial. Knowing how to apply it, how to make it look realistic, and easy to get both on and off makes the whole experience more pleasant. The following are some Halloween makeup instructions that …[Continue]

Expert Halloween Make Up Tips

Halloween makeup is a big part of a great Halloween costume. However, not all makeup is created equally, and not all Halloween makeup is going to result in a positive experience. If you want to have great Halloween makeup, consider …[Continue]

Cat Halloween Make Up


When doing your Halloween cat makeup, there are three areas that need to be your focus: 1. Overall face paint. Start your makeup off by painting your entire face one color. If you have a black car costume, then go …[Continue]

Halloween Make Up Instructions


Halloween makeup looks harder than it is, especially if you buy the makeup already made, and just need to apply it. If you are making home made varieties, however, it can be more difficult, but not impossible. The following are …[Continue]

More Halloween Make Up Ideas


Halloween makeup ideas do not have to be complicated or expensive. The following are some easy to do, Halloween makeup ideas: 1. Homemade Blood – You can add blood to almost any ghoul, goblin, or demon costume for a more …[Continue]

Halloween Make Up Ideas

Halloween Make Up Ideas

Halloween makeup can be a fun way to add a little zing to an otherwise dull costume. A clown, for example, looks great in big shoes, a ruffled collar, etc. but without the painted cheeks and red nose, the costume …[Continue]

Halloween Pumpkin Projects for the Classroom


If you are the room mother or teacher’s helper in your child’s school classroom you may be wondering what Halloween pumpkin project you could have the kids do during the Halloween party. While there are numerous that you can choose …[Continue]