Halloween Fun

Halloween Fun

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Halloween Vampire Make Up You Can Do at Home

Scary Vampire Girl

To get the vampire look this Halloween, you will need the aid of some makeup. Your Halloween vampire makeup will consist mainly of three colors: black, white, and red. Of course, you can always add a bit more color if you want, but for the really sinister look, sticking to the traditional black, white, and […]

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Halloween Vampire Makeup: Your Complete Guide

Vampire Girl Cross

When doing your Halloween makeup for a vampire costume, you have to know what kind of vampire you really want to be. The following is a look at the various types of vampires, and how to do your Halloween makeup to achieve that look. Seriously Undead: To get this look, you are going to start […]

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Fake Blood to Gross Out Friends and Neighbors

Vampire Teeth

Halloween is the one holiday a year when you can get dressed up in your goriest, scariest, and bloodiest costume ever. It is fun to go all out and make things look real. One of the ingredients to a truly horrifying costume is blood. The following is a look at fake blood makeup, how to […]

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Fake Blood Make Up You Can Mix Up at Home

Boy with Vampire Make-Up

Fake blood makeup is a lot of fun, but there are different kinds of blood that can be made, some fitting your purpose better than others. The following is a look at recipes for fake blood makeup: The easy one: Homemade Blood You will need: 1/2 bottle of light corn syrup Hot water A squirt […]

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You Can Do It: Fake Blood Make Up

Vampire Blood

Nothing makes a scary Halloween costume scarier than realistic looking fake blood makeup. The following are some great fake blood recipes that are non-toxic, and in some cases even edible, to help you have a great Halloween: Fake, non-toxic blood You need: Water, corn syrup, red and blue food coloring, chocolate syrup. To make you […]

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So You Think You Can Be A Witch?

Teen Witch Girl

If you are going to be a witch for Halloween, you will need to do Halloween witch makeup, the following are a few tips for applying said makeup: Tip 1: Clean your face, tone it, and moisturize it before you ever put your makeup on. It is going to be healthier for your skin this […]

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