Halloween Fun

Halloween Fun


Monster Couples 2

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Draw a line with your mouse making a path on the hexagons to connect two or more monster symbols of the same kind. You can draw everywhere as long as you highlight adjacent hexagons and connect monster symbols of the same kind. Draw too fast and you will lose your path. The game is over […]

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Halloween Pumpkins

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In this fun match three game, you have to watch both sides of the game screen if you want to make it far. In each turn, click to place a pumpkin on both the left and right hand side of the middle column. Make groups of three and they will disappear, giving you more room […]

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Halloween Makeover Contest

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Join in all the fun of a costume contest that you can play over and over again! Dress up our contestant in lots of great costumes to take home the prize. Will it be a scary costume, a funny costume, or a sweet costume? Find your favorites to take to the stage when you play […]

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Halloween Festival Costume

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This Halloween, Tracy will be going to the city’s Halloween Festival. She hopes to pick a costume that is so good that none of her friends will recognize her. Can you help her disguise herself and surprise everyone? Drag and drop the costumes, shoes, and accessories to build the perfect costume. Try lots of different […]

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Monster Concentration

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Concentrate and match the monsters in this Halloween version of the classic recall game. Click on two cards, one at a time, to reveal the monsters behind and find matches. Match two monsters and they will be removed from the screen. Try to clear the screen with the smallest number of clicks and in the […]

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Smash all the pumpkins you can in this Halloween pumpkin smashing extravaganza game! Click on the pumpkins before they disappear to smash them. Miss one and it is game over. How many pumpkins do you think you can smash? It will take a quick reflexes and nerves of steel to get far in this game. […]

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