Halloween Fun: Everything you ever wanted to know about pumpkins including how to grow, carve and cook them!

How to Grow Pumpkins for Halloween

How to Grow Pumpkins for Halloween

While picking a pumpkin for Halloween can be as simple as going to your local grocery store and paying for one there you can extend the fun of Halloween by growing your own pumpkin. This can be a great project …[Continue]

The Right Tools for Extreme Pumpkin Carving


Extreme Halloween pumpkin carving has become an art form in its own right. Halloween revelers everywhere compete to outdo each other on who has the best out of this world carving on their Halloween pumpkin. It is easy to see …[Continue]

Reasons to Study Halloween Traditions

Reasons to Study Halloween Traditions

Maybe you carve pumpkins with your family every year, but you have never thought about the history behind the tradition. Make this year the year that you make a tradition of researching the origins of this and other holiday traditions. …[Continue]

Pumpkins and Halloween Go Hand in Hand

There are several different stories about how pumpkins came to be part of our Halloween traditions. They are all interesting, and although pumpkin carving was first done in the Americas, all of the stories come from Europe. Halloween originated almost …[Continue]

Pumpkin Carving With Patterns

pumpkin pattern

It’s Halloween time again, and you really want to decorate in a spectacular fashion. The highlight of any Halloween decorations has to be a wonderfully carved Halloween pumpkin. But perhaps you are unsure of how to really upgrade the design …[Continue]

Carving Your Pumpkin In Eight Easy Steps

The highlight of preparing and enjoying Halloween just may be carving a Halloween pumpkin. While in years past many pumpkin carvers stuck to the tried and true formula of triangle eyes, a round nose and crescent smile (perhaps with a …[Continue]

Safety Tips For Pumpkin Carving

Halloween is supposed to be a time of fun and excitement, but oftentimes in the rush to plan, prepare and decorate, we overlook safety precautions we should be taking. And then instead of attending that fun Halloween party or trick …[Continue]

Halloween Pumpkin Village

When Halloween rolls around, the pumpkin patches in the area become a center of constant traffic as potential pumpkin carvers come to pick that perfect pumpkin. While in days past you may have only seen a traditional face carved on …[Continue]

The Best Tools For Pumpkin Carving

pumpkin pattern

So it’that magical time of year again – Halloween! You really want to decorate your home and make it reflect that fun Halloween spirit. While there are many ways to decorate, nothing says Halloween more than a carved Halloween pumpkin. …[Continue]