Halloween Fun

Halloween Fun


Carving Your Pumpkin In Eight Easy Steps

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The highlight of preparing and enjoying Halloween just may be carving a Halloween pumpkin. While in years past many pumpkin carvers stuck to the tried and true formula of triangle eyes, a round nose and crescent smile (perhaps with a few carved jack o’ lantern teeth) today’crafty carvers are turning their pumpkins into works of […]

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Safety Tips For Pumpkin Carving

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Halloween is supposed to be a time of fun and excitement, but oftentimes in the rush to plan, prepare and decorate, we overlook safety precautions we should be taking. And then instead of attending that fun Halloween party or trick or treating, we are waiting in the emergency room of the local hospital (most often […]

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Halloween Pumpkin Village

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When Halloween rolls around, the pumpkin patches in the area become a center of constant traffic as potential pumpkin carvers come to pick that perfect pumpkin. While in days past you may have only seen a traditional face carved on Halloween pumpkins, today it seems anything goes. Crafty pumpkin carvers are coming up with lots […]

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The Best Tools For Pumpkin Carving

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So it’that magical time of year again – Halloween! You really want to decorate your home and make it reflect that fun Halloween spirit. While there are many ways to decorate, nothing says Halloween more than a carved Halloween pumpkin. But whether you are a novice or an experienced pumpkin carver, it is often difficult […]

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Pumpkin Carving

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Carving pumpkins is another fun way for parents and kids to work together to do crafts at your kids’ Halloween party. This really is a fun way for each team to get to take something home. Here is what you will need. 1 small pumpkin for each set of kid and parent Newspaper for the […]

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Halloween Traditions Explained

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During the Halloween season, people do all sorts of things that to someone foreign to this country might find extremely confusing and even a bit odd. Well, they would be absolutely right. It is a bit odd that families carve grim faces into the hollowed out pumpkins and put them on their doorsteps. And what […]

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