Halloween Fun: Articles and resources to help keep you safe this Halloween.

Safety Tips For Pumpkin Carving

Halloween is supposed to be a time of fun and excitement, but oftentimes in the rush to plan, prepare and decorate, we overlook safety precautions we should be taking. And then instead of attending that fun Halloween party or trick …[Continue]

Keep Your Pet Safe On Halloween


As a pet owner you are probably wondering what you can do to keep your pet safe on Halloween. The good news is that there are numerous things that you can do to increase your pet’safety during this stressful holiday. …[Continue]

Tips For Pet Safety On Halloween

When it comes to pets and holidays most people tend to worry more about the Fourth of July and New Year’because of all of the loud noises that can easily scare their pets. But the truth of the matter is …[Continue]

Kid Glows In The Dark On Halloween Night!


Halloween is a time of year that is really quite exciting for younger kids. How can you blame them? They get to dress up in cool costumes, stay up late and go all over town getting free candy from people. …[Continue]

Kid-Safe Pumpkin Karving

Kid-Safe Pumpkin Karving

Carving pumpkins is an American tradition that coincides with the celebration and festivities of the Halloween spirit. The activity is enjoyed by families teaching their little kids how to carve faces into the sides of large hallowed out gourds. It …[Continue]

Checking Halloween Candy


Trick-or-treating is an exciting endeavor that kids take upon themselves every year on the evening of October 31st. To celebrate the holiday festivities of Halloween, children dress up in costumes and loot the town of its candy by going door …[Continue]

Halloween Safety


Halloween is a time full of fun festivities and activities that kids are encouraged to take part in. This time of year is a great time for them to socialize and have fun getting candy from people. However, there are …[Continue]

Treat Your Pet Right On Halloween

When it comes to Halloween, you, the savvy pet owner, probably worry about ways you can protect your pet from eager trick-or-treaters. They may want to share their candy with your beloved pet. If your pet eats any kind of …[Continue]

Halloween Safety For Your Pet

When it comes to trick or treating, many people are tempted to bring their pets, but this is not always a good decision. If you do decide to bring your pet trick or treating with you, there are things you …[Continue]