Men’s Halloween Costume Ideas

Want to go all out of Halloween this year? View tons of great costume ideas for men in this video featuring elaborate, full-wardrobe outfits for frightening vampires, spooky skeletons, terrifying clowns, and much more….[Continue]

Halloween Costume Ideas for Dogs

Get some great Halloween costume ideas for your pet in this adorable video featuring tons of options for different size dogs. For larger dogs that don’t tolerate dressing up, see several costumes revolving around a harness that simply attaches around …[Continue]

Halloween Makeup Ideas: Pop Star Look

Create a pop star Halloween look in a few short minutes with the help of Dinair Airbrush Makeup. Use the airbrush makeup for your foundation, blush, emerald eyes, black eyeliner, and champagne lips to look like a star in no time….[Continue]

Venue & Setup Ideas for Kids’ Halloween Party

Learn how to prepare the house for a kids’ Halloween party in this Halloween planning video. Matt Cail explains that, in addition to decorating your home, it’s important to kid-proof it, as well, to protect your fragile or stainable items …[Continue]

Eco-Friendly Pumpkin Flower Pot

Watch Shiho Masudo convert a plain pumpkin into a fancy, ready-for-Halloween flower pot. With some simple tools, you can use a pumpkin and recyclable products to create a cute and friendly Halloween decoration….[Continue]

Cost-Effective Halloween Costume Ideas for Kids

Five-year-old Jamie Bunnell won a Party City halloween costume contest with a creative and cost-effective flower princess costume made out of an old dance costume and items from the dollar store. Now her flower princess costume will be on sale …[Continue]