Decorating for the Fourth of July on a Budget


The Fourth of July is a great time to create a world of patriotism with decorations. However, you have a budget to live by. So how can you make red, white and blue without spending a fortune? Here is how!

Everyone wants to have their parties be that talk of the town. Well at least of the neighborhood. However, that can get expensive. So if you want to use some creativity with your imagination, you will find that there is much more that you can do within a budget.

Here are some easy ways to create some color on tables and blank walls. Use the inexpensive Fourth of July wrapping paper, or table clothes. This can be purchased at your local dollar store, or discount store. If you are using a wall specifically for the background of pictures, music equipment, or food, then this will brighten and be an eye grabber.

If you are going to use the wrapping paper for a table cover, keep in mind; you will probably want to put some plastic over the top. This will prevent the decorations be ruined by spills.

Now that you have your table covers. It is a good idea to create something that will act as centerpieces. Making a flowerpot like this on this site can do this. . You can also get some of those little kids sand buckets, and fill them with sand and sparklers. There are tons of different ideas for Forth of July centerpieces. Here are some additional links.

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Be sure to use red, white, and blue utensils, plates, and cups. This will show more color, look patriotic, and you have to use them to eat anyway. The idea is to create as much color for the least amount of money.

It is also fun to create place mats, with name cards to match. This is really simple, and not very expensive. The idea is to use construction paper of some kind. It should be relatively sturdy. The best color to use is black or blue.

Then tape this paper into a 13 x 9 inch baking pan. Next, put colorful washable paints in the separate sections of an egg carton.

Now you will need to get a couple marbles. These marbles can be put into the different colors of paint you are using.

Take the marbles out of the paint and put them into the pan with the paper taped in it. This will start the location of the fireworks design on the paper. Move the marble back and forth to create a firework design.

You can do this with several different colors. Then you will only need to laminate the page or put plastic of some kind on it after it dries. You can do the same thing with name tags, in a smaller pan, with smaller pieces of construction paper. Then simply paint the names on, when finished.

In addition to decorations that you can make, you can purchase them at a discount price on the Internet. Here are a couple cool sites to check out.

Bulk Party Supplies
Oriental Trading Patriotic Party Supplies

Using your own creativity will also make is fun and easy to make your party what you want. Decorating for the Fourth of July really does not have to be expensive. The final decorations that you can make the most of are the food. Add berries of blue and red, gelatins of multi colors and much more to make the food as colorful and the rest of the room.

These are easy ways to decorate for the Fourth of July on a budget. Your decorations will be the vision of patriotism, and no one has to know that you did it on a budget.