Fireworks Show


Kids can make their own fireworks show with this easy craft.

Materials Needed:
• Black or dark construction paper
• Glitter
• White glue
• Newspapers (or other type of paper to lie down for easy cleanup)


1. Spread the newspapers out and place the construction papers on top of them. This helps make cleanup easier.

2. Spread glue on the paper in geometric shapes to resemble fireworks. Note: If your glue is a soft consistency, try putting a glob on the paper and then blowing it outwards to give it more of the effect of a firework.

3. While the glue is still wet, sprinkle glitter over the top. Slide the excess glitter back into the glitter container or on the top of the newspaper.

4. Continue the above steps until you have the desired amount of fireworks. Experiment with different colors of glitter and shapes.