Party Flag Quilt


There is a fun idea that let’s your party guests be apart of creating the decorations. The idea takes a little work from you in the beginning, but it will create fun for many at the event. These are the instructions for a small flag quilt that everyone can be a part of.

Start by cutting out 3×3 or 4×4 sections of material that is red, white and blue. You will need enough pieces that it will make the size of quilt you want. This can be large or small.

Then take a little time to sew these pieces together in the design of the American Flag. After that is done, you will want to get a piece of material of sort to go on the back of the pieced together flag. Then when it is sewn together, you can set this out with a quilt tying set with several chairs around the quilt. Then cut up several pieces of yarn, about 3 inches long. Now everyone who wants to can take a few minutes and tie an area of the quilt him or herself. As one section finishes, then roll the quilt in a little further, and let the next person join in. This is going to end up with a less than perfect quilt. However it will have tons of love and fun in it. In addition to the fun it will make an awesome flag decoration.