Cascading Star Mobile

American Flag In Bright Blue Sky

This mobile is a fun item to make and then hang from the ceiling or porch.

Materials needed:
• Red, white and blue construction paper or cardstock
• A drinking straw (have one straw for each project)
• Yarn (approximately 1 ½ feet of yarn for each project)
• Scissors
• Paint, markers, glitter, or crayons to decorate


1. Cut out six stars from the construction paper. They should be in various sizes; it looks best to go from large to smaller.

2. Cut each straw into 5 equal segments.

3. Cut the yarn, about 1 ½ feet long, and tie two thick knots on each end. Thread the smallest star to the end of the yarn, then place a portion of the straw over it.

4. Continue threading stars and straws, alternating by putting a straw between each star. Make sure the stars are placed in order from the smallest star to the largest.

5. When the last star has been placed on the yarn, tie a large loop in the top for hanging.