Patriotic Wind Sock

striped windsock at the airport on the background of beautiful c

This wind sock is a fun craft to make and hang outside.

Materials Needed:
• Circular cardboard oatmeal container
• Construction paper (in white and blue)
• Red and white crepe paper streamers
• Glue
• Yarn
• Scissors
• Hole punch

1. Cut off the bottom of the oatmeal container.

2. Cover the oatmeal container with blue construction paper, then glue on white stars cut from the white construction paper (you can also use stickers if you like)

3. Cut the streamers to your desired length, and then glue, tape, or staple them to the bottom of the container, from the inside.

4. Next, punch four holes along the top of the wind sock.

5. Cut two pieces of yarn, each about a foot long. Tie the pieces to the wind sock, tying opposite ends of each string to on opposite holes of the container. Tie the other piece of string to the smaller pieces — this string will be used to hang the windsock.