Need To Know: July 4th Decorating


What you need to know about 4th of July decorations.

4th of July decorations should be able to show taste and patriotism. Anyone can throw together some red, white and blue. However how can you do it with class? Here are some great tips.

Tip #1

Create your decorations with a base theme of America. This can include red, white and blue. It should also include a little meaning of what those colors are about.

The theme should be based around why we celebrate the 4th of July. The American Flag hung high and majestic is a great way to show that respect.

Tip #2

Do not use anything that is damaging to an American flag. It is tacky to cut up, cover or use an American flag in a disrespectful manner.

Tip #3

Do use other decorations that are designed with the style of the American Flag. This is a great way to use color and design to create the ambiance of patriotism.

Tip #4

Try to use some uniformity in the decorations you are using. This can be with the same centerpieces on each table, or the same lights throughout the party area. There should be some consistency. However, it does not mean you cannot be creative. There are many ways to implement a little variety with the decoration ideas.

Tip #5

Using balloons that are red, white and blue are a fun way to create a theme that not only looks festive, but also patriotic. Add to that theme some water balloons that are red, white and blue. Then you have it made. These decorations are made for having a blast, and do not actually get lit on fire.

Tip #6

If you are going to use fireworks as decorations, consider the ages of your guests. The last thing that you want to have happen is a younger person get a hold of the fire work and eating it or lighting it and getting harmed.

Tip #7

Personalize all you can. This can be from personalized nametags, place mats, or hats. You can get creative and help your guests feel special, simply by adding some names to your decorations.

Tip #8

Remember safety is key. Decorations are wonderful as long as they do not hurt people. This includes making sure that decorations that are hung from the ceiling or the roof are high enough not to cause harm. The decorations that include fire should be away from little hands.

Tip #9

The 4th of July is a time when fire is an issue. This brings us to a serious decoration and fun necessity. Have a fire extinguisher and buckets for water available. This way if for any reason your decorations or party favors get out of hand, you will be able to take care of the fire before it becomes a problem.

Tip #10

Make your decorations fun. This can be anything you want it to be. However, if it is fun, it will definitely be a blast for everyone involved. Some fun ways to add life to your decorations are easy; here are a couple ideas.

• Disposable cameras so that each of your group of guests can take memories home with them.
• Edible decorations are also fun. Each person has the chance to eat what he or she is surrounded with.
• Decorations that can be used as activities is also fun. This can be like quilts that everyone gets a chance to tie. It can also be dancing areas.

With these tips, you now know what you need to know about 4th of July decorations. Have fun with it, keep it safe, and include your guests. It will be a blast.