A Party of 4th of July Traditions

Every year it seems that the Fourth of July parties get more elaborate. People from all over the country gather together to celebrate this patriotic holiday to show how much we value our independence. The funny thing is that no matter how much time passes there are certain traditions that are followed each year for the Fourth of July parties.

Here are some tips for having a party of 4th of July traditions.

Tip one:
From as far back as 1776 the Fourth of July has always been celebrated with groups of people gathering together to celebrate the Independence of our nation. People got together with friends and neighbors as well as loved ones to honor the people who fought in the American Revolution, as well as the fact that our country was free. Today people still gather with friends and neighbors to celebrate the Fourth of July. So to keep this tradition alive all you need to do is make your Fourth of July party a block party.

Tip two:
Another Fourth of July tradition is fireworks. While in 1776 they didn’t have the same types of fireworks that we have today, they still managed to shoot things in the air. People would fire guns into the sky or fire cannons into the air to mark our independence. Early on the cannons used to fire thirteen times or they would have a thirteen gun salute to represent each of the thirteen colonies for the celebration. Today we still have people who fire guns (not a good idea), but we don’t have any who fire cannons, that tradition has been replaced with what we call fireworks. Every Fourth of July has to include fireworks! Whether you purchase them for private use or you attend a firework show they must be included to keep that tradition alive.

Tip three:
Another tradition on the Fourth of July is food. People gathered together with their friends and neighbors and had picnics or elaborate dinners, depending on their social standing. This tradition continues to this day with BBQ’s, dinner parties, picnics, etc. While most people tend to go to a park and watch fireworks shows and BBQ at the park, you can also do this in the comfort of your own home. Even though the tradition has changed with the type of foods that were served it is still the same concept of getting together to eat and rejoice over our nation’s independence.

Tip four:
Another tradition that is still going strong today is the decorations for the Fourth of July. The first celebration included ships that were decorated in red, white, and blue bunting to honor the American Flag and our Independence. Today the colors red, white and blue are still used to decorate houses and cars on the most patriotic day in our country. One thing that you will find now that you wouldn’t have found then is paper plates, plastic cups, and napkins that are elaborately decorated for the Fourth of July holiday. All of the decorations before were hand made and were used year after year.

Tip five:
Another tradition that we have on the Fourth of July is community celebrations; of course they are a bit more elaborate then they were in the past, but the concept still holds together. Today we have parks and community centers that plan a day filled with music, activities and other forms of entertainment for the entire community to enjoy.

Just remember that no matter what type of party you are planning you will most likely already have it filled with Fourth of July traditions.