Where To Find Great Patriotic Dessert Recipes

Patriotic Cherry Cake

Here are five ideas for festive July 4th holiday desserts. July 4th is a fun time to create an array of amazing dishes. These dishes and desserts are created to bring color, honor and patriotism to our festivities. Any of these special festive desserts can help you do that.

Idea #1 Uncle Sam Ice Cream Cones

How about a cute, cool, and amazing looking presidential ice cream cone. If you have young ones at the activities, this will be a sure hit. Here is how it works. You use an ice cream cone, ice cream, frosting and some decorating to create miniature presidents. Here is the link that has detailed instructions.

Family Fun Uncle Sam Cone

Idea #2 Blue Berry and Custard Filled Star Puffs

These tasty treats are great for on the go. They are shaped like stars, and they taste out of this world. They are relatively simple to make. The main thing is that you will want to keep them in a cooler when you are out and about. Here is a link with more information and instructions.

Fabulous Food

Idea #3 Patriotic Quilt Cake

This cake is a cool and tasty way to bring a special treat to your guests. The look is very festive. The style is soft and summery. All and all, this takes a little time, but will be a huge hit with your guests. Check out this link for full instructions.

Kraft Foods

Idea #4 The 4th Float

So you have parades, fire works and much more. How about making your own 4th of July float that you and your guests can eat? This is a cool treat that is fun to eat. The colors are patriotic and the taste is going to get your guests singing praises. Here is the link to the complete recipe.

CNN desserts

Idea #5 Strawberries and Cream Cheese Filling

The strawberries resemble flowers. The taste is healthy and fresh. This is a nice dessert that is patriotic but not high in sugar. Place these beautiful creations on blue trays and you will bring amazing color to your 4th of July table. Here is how it is done.

About.com Southern Cuisine

In addition to making your desserts look festive, you can take other desserts that are not red, white and blue, and add some color to make them more festive looking. This is simply done with food coloring, red or blue. You can also use fruit that is red and blue. It is also fun to color some whipped cream or frosting. If you want to make some simple cupcakes, use red, white and blue cupcake papers. Instead of the heavy cake frosting, choose whipped cream. This will also give the treats a lighter feeling.

Your festive July 4th food will be more special when you add your own ideas and creativity. This is because most of the time when it is your idea, no one else has done it before.
Take some time to search with your favorite search engine and you will find many more. These are just five ideas for desserts you can make to create a patriotic atmosphere for your 4th of July celebration. There are many other recipes out there. Even better, take the time to make some ideas of your own.