4th of July Desserts That Rock!

How can you present your July 4th desserts in a way that rocks? It is all about presentation. The way the dessert is presented dictates the effect it will have on your guests. A cherry pie is a great dessert. People love it. There is no doubt about it; that cherry pie is patriotic and American. However, presented in the wrong way, it is just a piece of pie.

Here are some fun ideas to help you to present your patriotic desserts in a way that will get a WOW from your festive fans.

Cherry Pie!

Take that same cherry pie. Looks relatively plain sitting in that metal tin. How about adding some color? This is a great time to bring out the whipped cream, red, white and blue sprinkles and some festive colored plates.

This way, the colors are bouncing around each other creating an explosion of patriotic enthusiasm.

Festive Cakes!

Any cake, white or chocolate, is a great treat. However, plain old frostings just won’t do the trick. It is going to take more than that to bring your rocking festivities to life. How about adding some color and design?

Simply by using colored frosting, whipped cream, or some fruit you can make any cake a display of patriotism. Decorate with flag shapes or star shapes; it is that simple. Take a little time to create a shiny tray with tin foil, and add some colored plastic wrap over the top for a red or blue shine, and you have an amazing way to present any cake.


Jell-o is always easy to use to present color and flair. This is because jell-o can come in so many different shapes and sizes. How about red and blue jell-o stars? This is a fun and cool way to create festive patriotism for any party.

Jell-o can also be used in cakes and other desserts to add flavor, texture and color. So it is all up to your imagination.

Presentation? or PRESENTATION!

It is all about the presentation of your desserts that makes them special. This is why creating a theme or color scheme with your decorations and food will be key. If you are having your party in a place that you can decorate with bright beautiful colors, it will be easier to present your desserts. The reason is that the decorations will show off the desserts.

At the minimum, even if you cannot decorate all the way around with red, white and blue, use items that help to present festivity and patriotism. Red, white and blue plates, cups, napkins, table cloths etc. Also, you can use sparklers, fruit, and other bright colored items to increase the lure of fun!

Creating a July 4th dessert presentation that rocks really is easy; it’s about making the food look more attractive. Anything that can be cut into star shapes with cookie cutters is an example of easy it can be.

If you can add bright fruit or whip cream of colors or white, go for it. The more color you have, the more patriotism you show, the better the chance is that your desserts are being presented in a way that rocks!

These are the keys to a great party. The food not only needs to taste great, but it has to look great also. This will keep your guests in awe for the entire party.