A Lofty Table-Topper

A picnic table set up with a Fourth of July theme. Horizontal fo

Your 4th of July guests will be delighted by these whimsical table centerpieces. Best of all no one will realize how easy they are to make. You can use the basket to hold silverware for your 4th of July barbeque or favors for your guests to take home after the last of the fireworks! Be sure to use red, white and blue ribbons, balloons and crepe paper to stay with the patriotic theme.

What you will need:

• Ribbon
• Helium-filled balloon
• Basket
• Crepe paper
• Double-sided tape

Instructions for the project-Begin by taping the ends of two 6-foot-long pieces of ribbon to the top of a helium-filled balloon making sure the tape is secure since the balloon will fly away if it is not. Tie or tape the ends of the ribbons to a basket. Keep in mind that you are making a hot air balloon. To decorate the sides of the balloon and basket use your crepe paper to make fan-shaped bunting. To do this bunch two 7-inch strips of crepe paper, one narrower than the other, into a fan shape. Use double-sided tape to attach the layers and to stick the bunting to the balloon and basket.