Fireworks Show

Fireworks Show

Kids can make their own fireworks show with this easy craft. Materials Needed: • Black or dark construction paper• Glitter• White glue• Newspapers (or other type of paper to lie down for easy cleanup) Instructions 1. Spread the newspapers out …[Continue]



This easy-to-make craft uses empty toilet paper rolls to resemble a safe version of a firecracker! The tubes can also be filled with treats. Materials needed:• Empty toilet paper roll, cleared of any remaining tissue • Paint • Yarn • …[Continue]

Three Dimensional Star

This 3-D star is easy to make for all ages and is a great idea for a centerpiece or decorative item for the top of a child’s school desk. Materials Needed: • A thicker paper, such as card stock or …[Continue]

Patriotic Fans

These fans are perfect for hot weather or waving at parades. Materials needed:• Wooden paint stirrer • 2 squares of card stock, one white and one blue, for each fan• Glue • Red tape • Sticker stars Instructions1. Decorate one …[Continue]

Fourth of July Wreath

This wreath is easy and safe for kids to make and requires nothing more than items you already have around the house. Materials Needed: • Red, white and blue construction paper • Paper plate • Scissors • Glue or glue …[Continue]

Flag Magnet

Kids love crafts, and what better way to keep the kids entertained over the summer than with a few craft projects? With the 4th of July around the corner, there are many safe, fun 4th of July crafts you can …[Continue]