Printable Fun A spectacular selection of coloring pages, dot to dot activities, and word searches that will amaze!

Independence Word Hunt

July 4 Word Search

I always thought that the United States declared its’ independence from Great Britain because the British soldiers stole all of their word search puzzles. Apparently I was wrong. But that shouldn’t stop you from printing out this activity page and …[Continue]

Patriotic Top Hat 1 – 15

Uncle Sam dot to dot

Take a break from lighting fireworks and singing the “Star Spangled Banner” this Fourth of July and get back to your roots. Your super fun Dot to Dot activity loving roots. Gather your friends and family and have a blast …[Continue]

Old Glory Dot to Dot 1 – 20

Stars and Stripes dot to dot

Flags are everywhere. They are a great way to communicate without speaking. The checkered flag at the end of a car race or the white flag of surrender are two examples. What things does the US Flag symbolize to you? …[Continue]

Birth of a Nation 1 – 25

Starry celebration dot-to-dot

Get in the spirit of Independence Day with this spectacular connect the dots puzzle. Draw lines between the dot in numerical order to reveal a hidden image. This is an activity everyone in the family can enjoy together. Click on …[Continue]

Fourth of July 1 – 14

Flag pinwheel dot-to-dot

The Fourth of July is the day that the thirteen colonies banded together to declare their independence from Britain. I know Britain was sad to see us go, but it was time for us to grow up and become a …[Continue]

Super Stars 1 – 25

Independence Day dot-to-dot puzzle

This Fourth of July party with a group of super stars. You won’t recognize them from the latest movies, but you have seen them before! Print out this free downloadable PDF to find out who they are. Hint: they don’t …[Continue]

Coloring Pages

Firecrackers 4th of July coloring pages

Click on any of the thumbnails to open the printable Independence Day coloring pages in PDF. You will need the free Adobe Reader to open and print the files….[Continue]