Mother’s Day Brunch Ideas Your Mom Will Love


Brunch can be a heartfelt and special way to let mom know how much you appreciate her, this Mother’s Day. Best of all you can design a brunch that not only fits her taste, but her personality and sense of fun, as well. While brunch once meant a stuffy affair held in hotel ballrooms or upscale dining rooms, today you can have brunch wherever you think will be the perfect place, for your Mom. In addition, you can create a menu of her favorite dishes that not only gives her the day off, but provides her with an excuse to indulge!  Here are some brunch ideas for Mother’s Day-

Planning is the key to success-Just like any other event; you want to make sure that you plan out your Mother’s Day brunch carefully. While moms are known for their patience and goodwill, you don’t want your mom standing around on Mother’s Day morning while you decorate the table and decide what you are going to fix. Have a plan for where you are going to hold the brunch, who is invited (and confirm with all guests), what you will be eating, and a timeline for the cooking. This way you can make sure that this Mother’s Day brunch is memorable and comes off without a problem.

Execute the plan-If you go to all the trouble of making a plan, then the next step is to execute the plan. Tables can be set up and decorated the night before, decorations (if necessary) can be put up, food can be prepped and beverage station set up. This way your job on the morning of Mother’s Day is more like a facilitator. You can finish off the food, add ice and beverages to the drink station and be ready to enjoy brunch with mom and her guests.

Don’t be afraid to delegate or ask for help-Even brunch for half a dozen people can be a daunting undertaking. If you are planning on a large group, then you may want to ask family or friends who will be attending to help. Bowls of cut up fresh fruit or other simple dishes add significantly to the brunch without being a lot of work for anyone.  Don’t be afraid to ask those closest to you to pitch in and help. In addition, there is no reason to feel like everything has to be homemade. Bakeries abound with lots of delicious muffins, croissants, or sweet rolls that mom will love. You can pick these up the night before, reheat them gently and no one has to know they just didn’t pop out of your oven!

Remember that your brunch can have a theme-If your mom would love a tea party, then why not make brunch a reflection of that? Small tea sandwiches, scones, and other delicate pastries along with a variety of teas and hot cocoas would be lovely. If your mom is vegetarian, loves Middle Eastern food, or is a grilling fanatic, you can center your brunch around these as well. Whatever reflects your mom’s preferences and loves would make a great theme for your Mother’s Day brunch.

Location, location, location-While there is no problem serving brunch from your dining room table or mom’s, why not think outside the box. If weather permits, outdoor tables complete with china, crystal and silver, can be a lovely Mother’s Day surprise. If the perfect location is somewhere else, then simply design a menu that can be packed up and moved to the nearest park, botanical garden, or other location that you know Mom will love. She will appreciate your creativity in giving her a one of a kind Mother’s Day brunch.

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