More Brunch Ideas for Mother’s Day


This Mother’s Day your Mom would be delighted to be treated to brunch. There are always several hotels and restaurants that put on a beautiful and delicious Mother’s Day brunch-for a price. Brunch can be an expensive outing to treat the entire family to. Instead of spending this Mother’s Day in an impersonal ballroom or dining room, why not lay out a brunch for mom right at home? Best of all you can personalize every dish to suit her taste, make it beautiful, and still have plenty of money left over to get her a really nice gift. So grab your apron and get ready, here are some great Mother’s Day brunch ideas-

Start with the Look-Most moms love the idea of an elegant brunch to celebrate their day. This is the time to bring out the crystal, china and set the table with fresh flowers (which can be part of mom’s gift), as well. A beautiful cloth tablecloth and napkins can complete the look. If you want to start early, have your table set up the night before, and then simply place the flowers on it and you are ready to go!  In addition, if the weather permits why not set the brunch table in the garden, where the ambience can be one of casual elegance.

Plan Ahead-Often the most overwhelming part of brunch is trying to get all of the food out at once. Make it easy on yourself by planning ahead. A breakfast casserole or pancakes that can sit in the fridge and simply be popped in the oven in the morning can make a great centerpiece for the menu. Fresh fruit can be cut up and waiting in the fridge as well. If you really want to take some extra help, then purchase sweet rolls, muffins or mom’s favorite pastry, and have it waiting to simply be put on silver trays. Keep in mind that brunch doesn’t need to be a labor intensive meal to be good. 

Personalize the Menu-While most moms would be thrilled to be surprised with brunch, no matter what is served, it can mean a lot if you go the extra steps to serve dishes that mom really loves. Keep in mind that like most moms, your mom will most likely say that she loves everything you made, but to really score extra points, why not create the brunch menu around the favorite dishes she loves the most. 

Don’t Get Stuck On Breakfast-It is important to remember that brunch means halfway between breakfast and lunch. While a traditional brunch features a lot of breakfast items, if your Mom is not a morning person, then this is the time to let her sleep in. Your brunch can feature dishes that mom will love even if she’s not a breakfast eater. Keep in mind that heavy food items are not traditionally served at brunch, but other than that there are really no rules about what can be served. Whether it’s a vegetarian dish or dim sum that will thrill mom, you can still feature that dish in your brunch.  

Think Outside the Box and the House-There is no reason not to reinvent Mother’s Day brunch (either the menu or the location), for your mom. If your mom would love a grilled veggie pizza, or picnic fixings at the park, you can make it happen this Mother’s Day. Don’t be afraid to pack up your brunch and transport it to the botanical gardens, the back yard or any other place that Mom finds special. Your Mom will be impressed with your creativity and the time and effort you took to make Mother’s Day brunch special for her.

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