Easy Flowerpot Crafts to Make for Mother’s Day

Spring Flowers In Pots

Flowers are a universal symbol of Mother’s Day. There are many crafts that you can incorporate flowers into that make a lovely gift for your Mom on her special day. Best of all these crafts are easy to do and don’t require extensive crafting skills or hard to find materials. Here are some easy flowerpot crafts to make for Mother’s Day-

Pot of Flower Pens-This clever craft will have Mom thinking of you each time she reaches for a pen.

What you will need:
4 “round stick” pens-Keep in mind that these are the type that has a cap, not the click type.
3 Artificial flowers
One 2 1/2″ clay (terracotta) pot
Small amount of Easter grass or Spanish moss
Tacky glue
Floral tape
Floral foam
Hand drill or other object to make a hole

Directions for the project: Cut a piece of floral foam to fit inside your pot and place it in the pot. Put some tacky glue on top of the floral foam and cover it with the artificial grass.  Your pot is now complete.  Place it aside while you make the flower pens. The first step in making the flower pens is to discard the cap that came on the pen. This is a job that is best done by an adult. Carefully wrap the floral tape around the stick of the pen stopping just as you get to the black or blue piece at the point of the pen. When using floral tape, you should stretch it as you wrap. For each pen, pull one flower off of a bunch of flowers and stick it in the hole you made at the top of the pen.  If the hole is too small, you can stick a metal object such as an awl or pick in the end and wiggle it to stretch the hole out.  If the flower is too loose in the hole, simply glue the flower in place. Poke the flower pens into the floral foam in the pot and your Pot of Flower Pens is now complete.

Decorative Pots for Gardening Mom-For any mom who has a garden, there is nothing better than a decorative pot to adorn their efforts. This craft is easy to make, and can be an excellent class craft projects for young children and gifts for moms.

What you will need:
Construction Paper in Different Colors
Hot Glue
Paint Brush
Permanent Markers
Photos of Children
Potted Plant

Directions for the project: Completely paint the flower pot, whatever color you choose. Leave enough time for the paint to completely dry. Have the child draw flowers on the construction paper of different colors with big centers. Cut out the flowers and paste photos of children in the center of each flower. If there is only one child, you can choose different poses. Gently glue the flowers randomly on the pot. Add vines, stems and leaves using permanent markers of different colors and write “Mom, We Bloom under Your Care and Love.”

Mosaic Flowerpot-This is a great way to preserve old treasures and create a useful gift in the process.

What you will need:
Pieces of broken pottery, tiles, beads, marbles, beach glass, shells or charms
Ceramic tile grout (available at hardware stores)
Plastic knife
Terra-cotta flowerpot

Directions for the project: The first step is to cover your work area with newspaper. Before starting to decorate the pot, you will need to sort through the pottery pieces and discard any that have sharp edges (a adult’s job). Carefully spread a heavy layer of tile grout onto the flowerpot with the plastic knife. Then gently but firmly, press the tile pieces into the wet grout. When you are finished, spread a little more grout between the pieces so that most of the broken edges are covered. After the pot is completely dry, wipe off any grout film with a damp sponge.

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