Mother’s Day Haiku

Zen garden with water scoop on well

Haiku is a form of Japanese poetry. It is usually composed of three lines. The first line has 5 syllables, the second 7 and the third 5. Haiku is a brief and imaginative look at a particular subject. The writer tries to capture just a single moment, using only just a few words. Haiku is believed to have begun sometime in the 17th century. The short format meant that writers must choose their words carefully. Writers of traditional Haiku often use natural themes or images and their finished work often has a wistfulness or sense of yearning in the tone.

Since this poetry form was brought into the English language, from a form that was written in characters, English writers became more flexible about the syllable and line counts. These writers were more focused on the content of the haiku. They worked to make sure that their poetry was brief, yet still carried the attitude of traditional haiku. Today haiku continues to be a popular art form for many writers, both amateur and professional.

Because of the delicate nature of haiku it lends itself to expression about mothers. Writers of haiku have captured the essence of mother love in the many things that they do for those they care about. The poems exhibit a singular view of how mothers can reach out and touch us in unique ways. Mothers will be touched by the beauty and simplicity of these poems, while you can find one that expresses your innermost feeling. The poignancy of the poems is clearly touching and you may find it difficult to choose just one to give your mother. If after reading these haikus you still can’t find one that says what you want to say, just do what writers have done through the ages, give haiku writing a try.

My Mother, My Friend
A Mother’s Day Haiku
My mother, my friend.
I will love you forever.
Happy mother’s day!
A special Mother’s day poem about a beautiful lady. Thanks for being my mom!

How complicated
Are the ties that bind between
Mothers and daughters.

calling home
the color of mother’s voice
before her words
by Hilary Tann 

catching a firefly;
letting it go…
mother’s day

the groundskeeper rests
against her stone…
mother’s day

i follow her recipe,
but something’s missing…
mother’s day
by ed markowski

spring sun
warm on my back
mother’s day

Sunday morning –
humming a tune
my mother taught me

evening class
a toddler comes in
with her mother

cutting the moon cake
just like my mother
Mid Autumn Festival

the baby finds
the breast
by-Yu Chang

April –
the bare navel
of a swollen belly

Mother’s Day
that first breath of air
outside the door

World History
my mother’s
margin notes

children’s gardens
all the scarecrows
dressed like mom
by John Stevenson

winter sunset
buttoning mother’s coat
up to her chin

starless night
she knows he is
one of her sons

so suddenly winter
baby teeth at the bottom
of the button jar
by Carolyn Hall

the daughter taps flour
into a mixing bowl . . .
mother’s apron tight

cool evening . . .
mother takes me by the arm
from grave to grave
by randy brooks

small talk
snap beans

for her mother
root and all
by Peggy Lyles

Mother’s Day alone
arranging roses
with no scent

after her death
composing roses
instead of words
by Pamela Miller Ness

mom makes
grandma’s holiday soup –
steam and tears

Mother’s Day visit
bringing home her smile
and her frown
by dagosan

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